Saturday, January 12, 2008


for almost 1 week i rest..
now my leg soon will recover..
because this time pk..
used dadRM100++ 4 treatment..
then now the car exam need to postpone...
need to pay extra RM100 somemore..
really hope my leg can recover by monday..
then monday.tuesday still can practice driving..
then wed can exam...
but now monday dunno my leg how..

going to start my university life..
new environment..
new friend....
new thing..
everyday new..

SMKTC2007 majalah sekolah is out...
next week gonna go back and take..
cant wait to get
can visit teacher on next week also..XD..
n i also know that SMKTC had become Sekolah Harapan PMR...
well congra congra...

so..connaughtian..wait me back ya...XD...

-I´m minor in a major kinda way-
i wondering how to explain it meaning is that..=.="
waiting our pro queen carmen to explain it to

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~Karumenu~ said...

ELeh~! i not explain ady arh -.-